We analyze
doctor performance using big data.

At MD Insider, our world class team of data scientists, software engineers and healthcare experts have created a platform that objectively analyzes doctor performance.

This is important because doctor performance has a profound impact on the cost, quality of care and overall patient experience.

So how do we do this?

First, we transform big, messy data.

MD Insider is continuously ingesting huge volumes of the latest performance data about physicians - billions of rows of data, from thousands of institutions and millions of doctor-patient interactions and medical events.

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Then the real insight begins.

Our sophisticated big data platform continuously analyzes our huge ocean of data, identifying key physician performance insights in areas of quality, efficiency, and cost. These unique insights are available as a complete dataset and are also fully integrated into a consumer-friendly physician search, match, and scheduling solution that better matches patients with the right doctors.

And finally, we offer a suite of products and services for health systems, ACOs, and employers:
MD INSIDER Health Systems

Make sure your call center representatives are able to help your patients find the right doctor for their needs, with integrated booking to close the loop.

MD INSIDER Data Products

Do you have visibility into provider performance outside your hospitals? MD Insider can assist with physician loyalty, recruiting, market share and network analytics.

MD INSIDER Employers

Use our powerful data and analysis of doctor performance to provide your organization with internal referrals.